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Mods & Pods: The Differences Between These Two Vape Devices

Newcomers to the vaping world will usually encounter vape-related jargon and terminologies that can easily confuse them. This is especially true when it comes to mods and pods, as many individuals new to vaping may easily confuse one for the other.

However, understanding the differences between mods and pods is essential, as they are almost two entirely different ways to vape. If you are one of those people who do not know the difference between mod and pods, you are in the right place. Let us talk about what differentiates a mod from a pod in the sections below.


The Mod


Mods are what we can call traditional types of vape devices. The mod itself is not necessarily the entire device, but rather the compartment that holds the batteries, chipsets, and various other features. The actual part of it that holds the liquid and vaporizes it, such as an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), is typically connected to the top.


That being said, the best thing about mods is that they are, as the name implies, modifiable. From the batteries inside to the atomizers connected to the top, mods allow vapers to custom-create the vaping experience they are looking for. Plus, thanks to their box-like structure, they can pump out more power, allowing vapers looking to produce thick plumes to do so.


If you are interested in getting a mod, you will have to do a little bit more research than if you were to buy a pod. That is because, with a mod, you will likely change many factors to achieve a great vaping experience. 


The Pod


On the other hand, pods are not exactly traditional. They are newer than mods and simplify the vaping experience. Much like mods, pods have batteries and an atomizer to vaporize the liquid. However, pods are much smaller, meaning that the entire build is much sleeker. In essence, a pod is a shrunken mod. This also means that they are not as powerful.


Despite the lack of power, pods are still a great way to vape. For many beginners, pods have simplified the entire process, making it extremely easy to start vaping. There is no messing around with the atomizers on top, and there is no messing around with the numbers on any of the buttons. In many cases, you would attach a pod (either pre-filled or is refillable) to the top and vape away. 


Do note that newer pods come with various features to provide a similar experience to mods but in a much smaller package. If you want the same control that mods offer but in a sleeker design, consider some of the latest options available.




In short, mods are for those with a little bit more experience in vaping, while pods are incredibly beginner-friendly.

That said, there are different options you have to choose from, even if you opt for a pod. You will still need to do some research to find the right pod vape for your needs and preferences. If you are still having trouble knowing the differences between the two, do not hesitate to head to the nearest vape shop and ask the staff. They have plenty of knowledge regarding the topic, and chances are that they have helped many beginners get into the wonderful world of vaping!


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